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Scotland's Water

The Tap Water Bar

Speak to any Scot and they’ll likely say that the tap water tastes good. However, Scotland’s water deserves to be described as more than just ‘good’. It’s excellent, wholesome, clean, clear and most importantly available for all. Intending to inspire the people of Scotland I designed and built a whimsical Tap Bar that would have paraded around Edinburgh, hopefully strengthening our connection with our natural resource. Included in the project is a water wall with graphics brought to life with water falling in front of them.


Ultimately, Scotland’s Water is a project intended to create the foundations for Scotland to form an identity on an international stage based on our wonderful resource.

Takeaway Pack

The Tap Water Bar includes a take away graphic pack that communicates being mindful of water wastage and the health benefits of drinking water. With so much unpleasant news, I wanted to create a design for positive change.

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Research Film


Icon Design

To communicate effectively I designed icons for the food on the menu. I designed a menu by researching how many litres of fresh water is needed for Scotland's favourite dishes. this resulted in an informative communication that illustrates how important water is for life.

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Menu Design

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