120 Vodka

Premium Scottish Vodka

120 Vodka was marketed towards Young Professionals in New Zealand. It told the story of whether you are in Scotland or New Zealand you were never more than 120km away from the coast.

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Website Design

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120 Costal Clean Up 

120 Vodka is a sustainable brand that ships its product over a very far distance. While this could be seen as a disadvantage, we took it as an opportunity. Using the freight route from Scotland to New Zealand as a blueprint, 120 will sponsor and cater for costal clean up events wherever the ship docks. Users can easily access what costal clean ups are happening near them on our website. Our audience get the chance to make new memories and friends while enjoying a 120 cocktail.

Mixed Media

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Incorporating fine art into the branding. The circle in the middle of 120 Vodka's logo also transforms into a frame to hold an image. This vision into the future shows a hand made blue ocean. A reflection of the target audience's - young professionals - ability to paint what ever future they desire.

Making Cocktails

Bar staff in Edinburgh, Scotland loved the minimalist design and concept of uniting Scotland with New Zealand.