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Spectrum of Change

Met Office
YCN Summer School

 The Spectrum of Change is a flexible pattern that appeals to a younger demographic. The pattern is sophisticated with a serious tone and neatly decorates the media it is applied to. It displays the gradual increasing gradient of temperature and can be applied to print or digital.

I intended to create an infograph that quickly communicates the consequences of increase temperature year on year. Illustrating the ‘run away train’ theory that if temperatures increase too rapidly it may be impossible to intervene and mitigate risk of permanent damage.

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“Pathways that limit global warming to 1.5°C with no or limited overshoot show clear emission reductions by 2030 (high confidence).”  (IPCC 2018) We can prevent the global temperature increasing beyond 1.5°C by 2030 if we change our lifestyle and reliant on fossil fuels. If the global temperature increases too rapidly then the impacts of global warming will be more extreme - e.g. extreme weather. (IPCC 2018)

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Using semi circles, scale and colour for clear comparison I created an infograph that with a flexible pattern. Each year the temperature rises and it is likely the following year will equal or exceed in warmth.

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Social Media


The pattern could be applied to digital channels. Its simple design can quickly communicate the shocking fact of global warming catching audience's attention.